This weekend our recent colour belt grading took place at the Trident Taekwon-Do Academy in Sale, Cheshire.

All students who attended were successful in achieving their next grade and standards were high

according to the grading examiner Master J. Archer (VII Degree).

DEDEN TaeKwon-Do would like to congratulate the following students who attended and are proud of the effort they put in on the day:

N.Manchester Club:

Joris Jankauskas - 9th Kup

Behrad Behbahani - 9th Kup

Joana Dimitova - 8th Kup

Lilly Dixon - 7th Kup

Bolton Club: 

Varun Malik - 8th Kup

Vaani Malik - 8th Kup

Bisma Mendoza - 8th Kup

Areesha Mendoza - 8th Kup

Jack Kelly - 7th Kup

Reihan Becic - 6th Kup